[$10,000 Voucher Scheme 2022] How to get paid on Shopify, Shopline, Boutir, WooCommerce Online Stores

March 1, 2022

[$10,000 Hong Kong Voucher Scheme 2022] How to get paid on Shopify, Shopline, Boutir, WooCommerce Online Stores



What is the Consumption Voucher Scheme?


How will the electronic consumption voucher be distributed?


Consumer Eligibility


Applicable Business/ Merchants


4 E-payment Platforms to Issue Digital Vouchers


Registration Method for $5,000 Consumption Vouchers


Application Period




What should I do if I still haven’t built an online store yet?

A new round of electronic consumption vouchers will be distributed to Hong Kong residents from April 2022 in order to support the local economy during the pandemic, according to the Hong Kong 2022-23 Financial Budget announcement.

Similar to last year, the voucher will be in electronic form and distributed in 2 installments. If your business is looking to expand payment gateways to accept the e-voucher from customers, the Navy FAB team will let you know the details below to prepare you earlier!

What is the Consumption Voucher Scheme in 2022?

During the ongoing 2022-23 Hong Kong budget address, Financial Secretary Paul Chan announced that the government would roll out a $64 billion anti-pandemic fund that would include a $20 billion budget to support ailing businesses and Hong Kong residents. The budget will include a new $10,000 consumption voucher scheme to be given to permanent residents in two instalments to boost spending.

How will the 2022 electronic consumption voucher be distributed?

The first HK$5,000 will be given out in April to the 6.3 million people who had registered in the last round of the scheme, while the rest will come in mid-2022 and to new applicants.

Consumer Eligibility

Eligible Hong Kong permanent residents and new arrival aged 18 or above, including persons entering Hong Kong with the “Permit for Proceeding to Hong Kong and Macau” (commonly called “One-way Permit”) and those as dependents of Hong Kong permanent residents

Applicable Business/ Merchants 

E-vouchers scheme aims to boost local spending and domestic consumption and accelerate Hong Kong economic recovery. Businesses including food sectors, wet markets, ecommerce platforms such as HKTV mall or online stores operated with company BR are benefited. Please note that e-vouchers cannot be used in foreign merchants, online businesses that do not hold company BR, utility bills like electricity and water bills or for tax payment purposes. 

4 E-payment Platforms to Issue Digital Vouchers

  • Alipay HK (支付寶香港)
  • Octopus (八達通)
  • Tap & Go (拍住賞)
  • WeChat Pay HK (微信支付)

Registration Method for $10,000 Consumption Vouchers


  1. Register and verify your identity from the central registration system set up by the Government. In addition to the central registration system, eligible persons may also register through paper forms and submit them with copies of their identification documents at designated locations.
  2. Provide basic personal information, including name, number and date of issue of the identity card or Certificate of Exemption, mobile number.
  3. Select the digital wallet to receive the consumption voucher and provide the account number.

Application Period

The government plans to open the registration in July 2021 at the earliest.


Q: Is the consumption voucher scheme applicable for Hong Kong Shopify? 

A: Yes, but only registered businesses of Hong Kong on the Shopify platform can accept e-voucher payments.

Q: Which e-payment service operators accept consumption voucher transactions?

A: AlipayHK, Octopus, Tap & Go and WeChatPay HK. These operators have agreed to waive, as far as practicable, relevant fees for the installation and usage of payment devices by local merchants and the administrative fees for processing payments made with the consumption vouchers. Popular mobile electronic payment services such as Payme and BOC Pay cannot use digital vouchers. 

Q: Which e-payment methods can Hong Kong online shops install to accept payments from the electronic consumption voucher?

A: Popular online store Saas platforms such as Shopify payment methods of Tap & Go, AlipayHK and WeChat Pay for customers to use the electronic consumption voucher while for Shopline merchants, they can only use AlipayHK. For Boutir merchants, they can accept AlipayHK WeChat Pay and Tap & Go. As for WooCommerce merchants, they can install ScanForPay, FIbreAPI or other payment service providers which can enable the transactions via AlipayHK and Wechat Pay. 

For the common credit card payment options such as Visa, Master and UnionPay, the electronic consumption voucher cannot be used.

If you would like to compare the benefits and drawbacks of using Shopify, Shopline and Boutir, please check this article.

Q: What payment methods on Hong Kong Shopify stores can accept digital consumption vouchers?

A: Shopify natively supports Tap & Go as it allows MasterCard payment. Meanwhile, Hong Kong Shopify accepts WeChat Pay HK and AlipayHK. Navy FAB partners with Fin-tech companies to enable e-wallets payments in the Shopify platform and these payment methods can be excluded from the “Additional fees using all payment providers other than Shopify Payments” at the same time. However, to note, there will be a one-off settlement account opening fee. Applying through Navy FAB will have a discounted package on the handling fee. Please contact us for more details.

Q: What payment methods on Shopline stores in Hong Kong can accept electronic consumption vouchers?

A: Shopline accepts Alipay HK only.

Q: What payment methods on Boutir stores in Hong Kong can accept electronic consumption vouchers? 

A: Boutir accepts Alipay HK, WeChat pay and Octopus.

Q: What payment methods on WooCommerce stores in Hong Kong can accept electronic consumption vouchers?

For WooCommerce, you can apply for ScanForPay or other payment service providers such as Alipay, Alipay HK, Wechat Pay.

Q: If our company may not have enough budget and resources to build a new online store, while we still want to be benefited from the 2022 Consumption Voucher Scheme, what would be the fastest and most affordable method to sell my products and accept e-vouchers online?

Doesn’t matter if you are a new business or an existing offline business looking to create a website, with our Shopify Express Package you will be able to operate and sell your products online within 1.5 weeks! Our team will create a Shopify store and set up your products and ensure the payment gateways are connected. Shopify has a user-friendly platform where merchants can easily update and edit in the backend system, such as uploading products, images, tracking inventory and updating shipping fees. Most importantly, it has a seamless and secure checkout process by providing customers with different payment gateways such as Visa, Master, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay. If you are looking to integrate more local payment gateways such as Alipay or Wechat pay, we offer the payment gateway integration service which is also included in the Shopify Express Package. If you would like to understand more about our package, please contact us as soon as possible!

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