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CRYSTALE : Building a Shopify Store from scratch


CRYSTALE (a sub brand of Style Natural Crystal)




Digital Branding Consultancy

Responsive Web Design

UI / UX design

Shopify Store Custom Development


Custom homepage

Collection page template

Custom product page template 

Testimonial page template

Blog page template

Blog post template

Custom slide menu


CRYSTALE, a sub brand of Style Natural Crystal, focuses on fashion jewellery and the power of crystals. CRYSTALE, meaning Crystal + Tale, encompasses how crystals change people’s lives and give them incredible stories. The existing CRYSTALE brand was housed on the same website as Style Natural Crystal, however, the CRYSTALE team wanted a separate website to embody the focus on fashion jewelry. From a custom built website they looked towards creating a Shopify site for CRYSTALE to cater to a large product and collection selection.   


Upon getting a better understanding on CRYSTALE’s brand position and approach, the Navy FAB team suggested a modern design and style to fit their sub brand concept. Additionally, with CRYSTALE’s large product and collection selection, the Navy FAB team organized the sitemap to ensure smoother user experience. 



Project Highlights

Mobile menu bar customisation

With a large range of products and collections, CRYSTALE looked to emulate the menu style from their existing website. The theme chosen for their website natively provided the mobile menu look in both desktop and mobile view, however, to add collection links with photos and descriptions required additional customisation.

Product page customisation with size chart popup and tabbed details section

As CRYSTALE products come in various sizes, they required a size chart to be available on their product page. As the size chart popup was not native to the theme, the Navy FAB team customised the size chart popup under the existing product details. Additionally, the CRYSTALE team wanted to provide additional product details in a tabbed collection view. As the theme only provided the simple product detail section, the Navy FAB team customised and created a tabbed detail section for more product information to be displayed. 

Kinofi: Tech Startup's WordPress Migration to Shopify

Blog page post filter customisation

Due to the large collection of products and specific functionalities of each product, CRYSTALE blog posts required a filter to easily allow customers to search through content and look for information specific to the product or functionality they desire. Natively, blog posts are ordered in chronological order as a timeline of postings, thus, the NavyFAB team customised dropdown filters to allow users to quickly select the type of product or functionality they’re interested in.