Shopify Monthly Growth Package

Our Shopify Monthly Growth & Support package offers constant website monitoring and assessment to optimize and improve your Shopify site. Monthly website data analysis from Google Analytics along with suggested solutions will be custom-made among clients. 

Apart from Shopify site maintenance and assessment, no matter promotion design, landing page development, ad-hoc fix, or web hosting issues, with our dedicated team, any Shopify support inquiries will be handled professionally in time.

Client Strategy Meeting

Monthly eCommerce or Marketing strategy consultation

Third-Party Plugin/ Services Support

Plugin consultation & recommendation after carrying out a feasibility/compatibility test. Install & uninstall Shopify apps are also supported.

Graphic Design

Create new website designs such as slideshow banners, popup images, landing page graphics, etc.

Promotional Campaigns

Create new promotional landing page design & implementation, new collections, and upload products.

Content Updates

Add new content, page, section, or images to keep your site up to date.

Site Troubleshooting

Carry out site speed analysis and give recommendations. Help to troubleshoot and fix any issues such as layout responsiveness issues, image display issues, checkout issues, etc.

Monthly Google Analytics Analysis & Report

Get a monthly report with expert’s advices of your website’s performance.

Email Campaign Setup & Implementation

Design Email, create target segments, and send out email campaigns to drive sales from your members.

Monthly Package Pricing


HK$ 3,980 per month

If you have just launched your Shopify store and would like some support on enhancing your website, this package is most suitable for you! It supports design and development work such as updating the homepage or theme for your latest promotion. Creating new collections, retouching images, adding or restructuring navigation will also be included.


  • 20 tokens of support and development work
  • Email support
  • Maximum 72 hour response time to support requests*
  • 10% discount on extra tokens


HK$ 10,800 per month

Suitable for businesses that have already been established and are looking to boost their eCommerce business further. Consultation sessions regarding eCommerce, marketing, and technical issues will allow Navy FAB to suggest a customized solution for your business. 

Apart from website enhancement, this package also provides marketing solutions such as email marketing design, set up, and sending out or creating new landing pages for promotional and seasonal campaigns.

  • 100 tokens of support and development work
  • Email support
  • Maximum 48 hour response time to support requests*
  • 20% discount on extra tokens


    HK$ 7,800 per month

    If you need support on a more technical side rather than just design, this plan will be best for you. This package provides you with site improvement and formatting solutions such as theme customization, new product uploads, site troubleshooting, bug fix or any other urgent issues to be fixed.


    • 60 tokens of support and development work
    • Email support
    • Maximum 48 hour response time to support requests*
    • 15% discount on extra tokens


    HK$ 14,800 per month

    This package is for businesses that are looking to optimize their eCommerce performance as it includes monthly Google Analytics and website performance reports for performance evaluation. Customized fields of data can be generated according to which data point your business would like to focus on.

    Shopify Apps/Third-party plugin feasibility and compatibility testing will also be carried out for businesses that are looking to add new features to their site. After the test Navy FAB will recommend the best Shopify Apps or third-party plugins that fulfill your requirement. 


    • 150 tokens of support and development work
    • Email support
    • Maximum 24 hour response time to support requests*
    • 25% discount on extra tokens

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