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How Our Web Design Works?

Navy FAB provides a holistic web design and strategy approach when working with clients.
From understanding project needs to best web design and development,
Navy FAB journeys with clients through a tried and tested workflow to deliver
uniquely customised website design in Hong Kong.

Web Design Deliverables

Colour Palette

Font type



Layout &
 Mock ups

Site Map

Web Design Tool – Figma

In Navy FAB, we use Figma to help you to create the most suitable user interface designs for your company.

Figma is a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool focusing on the use of user interface and user experience design, with an emphasis on real-time collaboration.

Nowadays, Figma is one of the most on-trend design tools for designing website mockups.


Web Design Scope Assessment and Consultation

Each project is unique and what you’re looking for will be different from other clients. We’ll walk through your project requirements from start to finish and make recommendations on best practices. Our main goal at this stage is to flesh out your business needs and targets for the project and to see how our services can assist and add value to your goals.



Research & Web Design

Based on the project assessment and consultation, one of two steps will be taken:

    • If you have an existing website, our team will conduct a site analysis to pinpoint specific areas of improvement based on your business needs and targets. From there, we’ll provide suggested solutions and designs that can be implemented. 
    • If you’re building a brand new website, our design and eCommerce team will research and design appropriate solutions that match your requirements Our branding and design solutions proposed for your website will always follow industry best practices. 

Throughout this research & design stage, our team will work closely with you to ensure that all suggestions are in-line with your requirements. Our goal is to ensure all developments and improvements we suggest are able to fulfill your needs.

Web Design Setup and Reviews

Once you’ve agreed on the proposed design and solutions, this stage is where the magic happens! Our dedicated eCommerce team will take care of the development of your site and/or project solution. Rest assured that our team of professionals will handle the setup from beginning to end, providing thorough communication and reviews throughout this setup process.


Web Design Testing and Launch

Once the entire setup for your project is complete, our team will undergo thorough and aggressive testing to ensure a seamless solution. Our team of eCommerce experts will also walk you through an extensive training session on how to operate and update your new site. After this testing and training session, your project and site solution is ready to be launched! After your launch, we’ll work with you throughout the next 30 days to ensure everything works as it should and to provide technical support and assistance.


Best Ecommerce Agency Services

At this stage, capitalising on your new project and site solutions, our team can work with you on your marketing efforts and strategy to achieve a stronger brand presence and effect online. Whether you’re looking for SEO services or influencer marketing, our team and partners are ready to help you achieve your brand goals. We also offer consultations and setups for strategy pieces like customer enhancement programs which include items such as, email marketing automation, loyalty programs, and chatbot flows and automations.


Ongoing Ecommerce Support and Website Maintenance

Once your site has launched and you’ve garnered considerable traffic and brand presence, our team strives to provide ongoing support and maintenance. Whether you find sudden issues or roadblocks or if you have planned further enhancements to scale up, our team can continue to work with you to achieve continued success online.


Showcases: Branding & Web Design

Navy FAB Team capitialize the know-how of web design and ecommerce knowledges to create the best web design experience. Click one of the below to get inspired!

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