XOVĒ Skincare: Custom Shopify App for Discount Code on Shopping Cart


XOVĒ is a luxury skincare brand founded by Mrs. Gigi Ma who is a former TVB and film actress and now the CEO of CosMax Cosmetics. The brand originated in Switzerland, uses a unique and exclusive ingredient: White Truffle, which helps to rejuvenate and revitalize skin perfectly. XOVĒ skincare products are widely used across different branches of Mrs. Lai’s medical beauty center CosMax and are also available for customers to purchase through XOVĒ online store which was built on Shopify.




Custom App development

Checkout customization

Theme customization


UX/UI design


Custom Shopify App for Discount Code

Integration with Whatsapp Business API

Gift wrapping checkout add-ons


1. During special events or occasions, XOVĒ usually offers Buy HK$ X to Get a Free Gift. In theory, XOVĒ can make use of the BUY X GET Y type coupon code on Shopify to offer the discount. However, XOVĒ currently faces a limitation on how the customers apply the discount code on the online store, resulting in requiring customers to add both product X and Y manually in their cart first, and then applying the discount code to get the discount. This creates confusion to customers since the initiative way for the customers to claim the discount in other ecommerce platforms is just applying the discount code in the field, and then the system will automatically add the gift and mark it as free. Hence, there would be a higher chance of cart abandonment or a high workload on the Customer Service team when XOVĒ runs large digital advertising campaigns.

2. For customers who are looking to make their gift sets special, XOVĒ would like to allow customers to choose their themed gift box or eco-friendly shipping carton on the checkout page. However, with Shopify’s limitation, the checkout page cannot be modified.

In the meantime, XOVĒ was also looking to redesign their website by having a new layout and product pictures to showcase on their Homepage.


1. In order to ensure a smooth checkout process for online customers when applying the Buy X Get Y discount, Navy FAB developed a custom Shopify App with a discount code field on the cart page. This ensures that the free product Y will be automatically added to the cart when the promotion product X is selected.2. In order to allow customers to choose the gift wrapping option after adding the product to their cart, the Navy FAB team customized the cart page and created a pop-up for choosing the gift wrapping service. This add-on is compatible with multilingual and multi-currency, which can’t be found on the Shopify App Store.As for website revamp, Navy FAB team provided a few UX/UI mockup designs for XOVĒ according to their brand color and mood and suggested the Homepage layout and flow.

Project Highlight

Auto-add of free product Y in the cart when X is selected

With the correct discount code, the gift product Y will be automatically added to the cart when the customer selects the promotion product X during checkout. It also supports the customers to add more than 1 “Y” product and the correct original subtotal and the discounted subtotal will also be displayed clearly. Not having to add both X and Y together in the shopping cart ensures a clear check-out flow for customers.

Store Discount Code In The Cookie

When customers refresh or go to other pages of the store, they don’t need to re-enter the coupon code as it will be saved in the browser. The app will also verify whether the discount code input by the customer at the cart page is valid (not expired or inactive).

Automatically Clear Of The Browser Cache

The app will automatically clear the browser cache if the discount is removed by clicking the remove tag button.

Customize Popup Interface

The design for the pop-up of the packaging option was customized to allow customers to either choose the standard packaging or select gift packaging options. The popup ensures a smooth checkout process as customers can quickly select the option from the popup before moving on to the payment page.

Limit Packaging Amount & Include Price Tag

2 types of gift packaging options are offered to customers which are Pink faux leather embossed gold foil stamping gift boxes and XOVĒ paper bags. As the Pink faux leather embossed gold foil stamping gift boxes will require additional charges, the price is reflected on the popup and will change accordingly to the amount of boxes customers select. However, the maximum amount that the customers can order is 2 boxes for each product as set by XOVĒ.


The popup is supported in both the Chinese and English versions when customers change the language of the site.

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