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Fung Style is a company that provides professional interior design, renovation & construction services. From consulting, planning to furnishing and styling to create a personal style for each project. They have diverse experiences with different properties such as private residential, office, and stores, etc.



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Fung Style was previously operating a WordPress site that had a simple layout to showcase its services and projects. However, as a professional interior design company, the strong brand positioning was not reflected on the site as it lacked strong visuals and elements.

Fung Style offers design and renovating services in various sectors such as Offices, Restaurants, Stores, etc. With many different services offered, it was hard for Fung Style to create a clear and organized content sitemap.

Apart from listing out their services and showcasing their previous projects, it is important that the site also has sufficient call to action buttons, as it was missing previously on their WordPress site.


In order to establish a greater online presence as an interior design company, Navy FAB conducted a redesign of the Fung Style WordPress website to improve the customer experience and enhance the brand's online presence. The redesign process started with a consultation to understand the target market and core values of the brand. As a result, a new brand solution was created, including a new set of brand colors that better reflected the brand's identity. The redesign also included a reorganization of the site structure to improve site traffic and generate leads. In addition, the team had a consultation on SEO content to increase the website's ranking and attract the right target group. The redesigned homepage now includes sections that provide a brief overview of the brand, its services, and previous projects, along with a "Make an Appointment" button to allow for easy customer contact. The website also includes a quotation form for customers to request and customize their projects.

Project Highlights

WordPress Theme Redesign

Navy FAB redesigned their WordPress site by adopting its new online branding. Previously, on the Homepage, action buttons were missing and lacked brand identity. This greatly affects the bounce rates as customers could easily lose interest.

Hence, on the revised Homepage, Navy FAB created sections that included a brand summary, FAQs, a video portfolio, and a few short showcases of their previous projects. This gives customers a brief idea of what the brand is and what they offer. The “Make an Appointment” button was also added to allow customers to quickly contact Fung Style if they are interested.

Website Design & Rebranding

Having a consultation with Fung Style allowed the Navy FAB team to know about their target market, unique services that they provide and their core values. As a result, a new branding solution was created.

As their previous site’s theme colors were black, white and red with very little design and mainly white as the background, it did not reflect their brand identity. Hence a new set of brand colors were suggested.

Reorganization of Site Structure

In order to improve the site traffic and generate leads, the Navy FAB team redesigned their site structure and categorized the content for different pages. This gives customers a clearer flow of the site and also to find the right services that they need.

SEO Content Consultation

When choosing an interior design company, customers will definitely look for their previous works and the type of designs they offer, hence website content is crucial for gaining the trust of new customers. Also, with a better SEO ranking, the site will have a greater click-through rate and also be able to cater to the right target group. As a result, the Navy FAB team had a consultation to plan and recommend SEO content to include in the website.

Quotation Form

Fung Style offers consultation services before starting any projects. Customers who are ready to start can directly fill in the quotation form with their requests and requirements. The form widget is easily found on each page, allowing customers to fill in anytime after they have decided.

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