Innotier:Shopify 2.0 改進和自定義功能


Innotier 最初在英國作為一家服裝廠做 B2B 業務,主要專注於研發。 儘管 Covid 19 對許多商業行業造成了沉重打擊,但 Innotier 在大流行中蓬勃發展,因為他們迅速抓住了這個機會,並利用他們的技術來創造產品來滿足人們在此期間的需求。

他們的創新特別關注可持續生活方式市場,其產品線 Innoshields(口罩)、Innotouch(手套)、INNOCAPSULE(包)、服裝、配飾等即使在 Covid-19 期間也是日常必需品。Innotier 現在已經發展得很好 作為一個創新和可持續的品牌,現在正在擴大他們的設計和與不同公司的合作,以開發新的商品系列。



Website Design & Development

Shopify Templates Customization

Responsive Web Design

App Consultation & Testing

Translation support



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決定提供生活方式產品後,Innotier 希望首先通過電子商務網站開始建立自己的品牌。 然而,作為一家新公司,對他們來說,建立適合其形象的正確品牌設計以增強在線形象非常重要。 由於 Innotier 已經選擇了正式的產品發布日期,因此需要快速設置和開發電子商務網站。

Navy FAB開發的電子商務網站上線後的第二年,由於產品線的增加,需要進一步改進。 Shopify 主題需要更新,因為 Innotier 與 Marvel、Disney 和 Hello Kitty 等大品牌有新的產品合作。


Navy FAB與 Innotier 進行了設計和品牌諮詢,以建立適合他們品牌的風格。 然後通過一些自定義設置和開發 Shopify 商店。

Shopify商店快速設置 & 發展特色

Digital Brand Design

Before setting up and developing the site, we had a consultation with Innotier regarding their brand colors, product collections, target audience, and content that will be included in their site in order to establish a style that fits their brand.

Express Site Development

As Innotier was starting off with a smaller product collection, the Navy FAB team created a Shopify store using a free Shopify Theme and customizations were done upon the client’s request for instance adding the “Shop Now” button on the homepage to directly link to corresponding collections.

Shopify Apps Consultation & Testing

In order to improve the on-site customer experience, Innotier wanted to increase functions available on the site such as having product filters, adding reviews on their site, and an option to cross-sell. Navy FAB team was responsible for carrying out app testing and evaluating which apps best meet their requirements.

Customized Invoice & Packaging Slip

In order to customize the order invoices and packaging slips, an app was required to be installed. We tested a few apps and created invoice samples for Innotier to evaluate and decide which app to go for.

Omnichannel Set Up

A chatbot app, Gorgias, was set up in order to make it easier for Innotier to reply to their customers who are live on site. In case customers reach out to them during out-of-office hours, their chat history will be stored in Gorgias admin panel, and there will be a notification to the staff which allows them to get back to the customers directly either by chat or email.

Migrating to A New Theme

Due to the increase in product lines, Innotier had to move from a free Shopify theme to a paid one that supports a large number of SKUs in the backend system. Navy FAB team gave suggestions on a few of the Shopify themes that Innotier had in mind based on their design and functionality requests. 2.0 Shopify theme was also adopted as it has greater flexibility in customizing the product page, which is perfect for creating new layouts to showcase their collaborated products. The Navy FAB team also made sure that the migration process was carried out successfully without any missing items.

Shopify Apps Check After Migration

With the new theme implemented, the Navy FAB team had to make sure that the existing apps are working well without any issues or clashes on the new site.

Translations Update

As a new theme was installed and new pages were created, our team updated the translations of each sections and customized the language switcher.

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