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Labway Biotech harnesses and delivers the health benefits of sea cucumbers to the world in a sustainable way through their flagship product – SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules®. After extensive research at HKU, they discovered that certain species of sea cucumbers contain unique saponins that are significantly more effective in inhibiting certain cancer cells than others. Through this research, they developed the SC-3 Sea Cucumbers Capsules, an all natural, saponin containing sea cucumber supplement that allows people to enjoy the health benefits of sea cucumbers in the most convenient manner. In addition, to its health benefits, their goal is to build Hong Kong’s first sea cucumber breeding and farming platform to develop and share techniques and know-hows on sea cucumber aquaculture with the world to keep them sustainable for future generations.

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Having already revamped their existing Shopify store through separate freelancers and agencies, Labway Biotech continually found that their overall set up of the site was not user friendly, often being unresponsive and giving the impression of a broken site. Additionally, flexibility to change and scale up website features was relatively low.

The quick fixes implemented by their previous revamps only targeted one item at a time rather than providing a holistic design and implementation – resulting in site bugs as time went on.


After further investigation and understanding of the front-end situation of their Shopify site, we suggested a total site revamp to avoid existing recurring website bugs. From theme selection to general website direction, we worked with the Labway team to provide solutions fit for a bio-tech company.

Additionally, we included customised features fit for their needs – particularly in educating their customers. Overall, the revamp of the website allowed for a more user-friendly experience – both front-end and back- end.

Project Highlights

Direct “Add to cart button” on Collections page under each product

As Labway offers two main variants of their product, SC-3 and SC-3 Plus, the collection page only offers a couple of options to choose from. From a user experience perspective, it would be more appropriate to condense the purchasing steps to allow users to directly add their selected product into the cart. Natively under the chosen Shopify theme, collection pages do not have the option to directly add products to cart. Users must first select the product and enter the product page before they can “Add to Cart” to continue the user flow. As such, the Navy FAB eCommerce team customised “Add to Cart” buttons to appear on the collection page underneath each corresponding product.

Homepage slideshow – button position customisation

Banners on store homepages are useful tools to attract customers to continue browsing and interacting on eCommerce stores. Typically banners will have call to action (CTA) buttons and Shopify themes usually have a set spot where these buttons will be displayed. In the case for Labway, these CTA buttons overlapped with the visuals of the banner making it distracting and difficult to navigate. As a result, the Navy FAB team customised the button positions on each banner to ensure that the CTA was visible and non-offensive on the visual.

About us page – customized to contain different sections

To create a new page on Shopify, this can be done via a rich text editor. Simple formatting of text, images, links, audio, and videos can be organised, however for more complex page designs HTML code is required. As Labway’s primary business goals are not only to sell their products to customers but to also educate on their new biotechnology, this “About Us” page was a critical element to their site. Making use of HTML code, the Navy FAB team created a custom page with their company backstory, CTA buttons to learn more from research journals via Labway’s research and reference library, as well as CTA buttons to purchase their products.

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