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Logistic Operation

Easyship is a leading eCommerce shipping platform that enables frictionless shipping and fulfillment for businesses of all sizes. Easyship is connected to over 250 shipping solutions and helps merchants to find the most cost-effective solution, allowing merchants to save time and money while scaling globally with exclusive discounts on shipping rate.


Logistic Operation

Online stores and ecommerce have strong demand for logistics services. ShipAny logistics platform supports multiple online stores and ecommerce platform systems. Users could also log in ShipAny Web Portal or through ShipAny API to connect to multiple logistics service providers such as SF Express, ZTO Express, LALAMOVE, and more. It is also connected to over 2,000 pickup points and popular pickup lockers such as SF Lockers and convenience stores. Just as PayPal is a Payment Gateway, ShipAny is acting as a Logistics Gateway for Hong Kong merchants over various ecommerce platforms.


Loyalty Programme

Growave - an all-in-one Shopify marketing app with powerful tools for photo reviews, wish lists, loyalty programs, gift cards, referrals, and UGC. With Growave, you can lower your customer acquisition costs by retaining customers and encouraging referrals. It also allows users to leave reviews and other user generated content, combined with the wishlist reminder emails, driving your sales to the next level.


Loyalty Programme

Rise.ai is a store credit and loyalty program solution to help you harness the power of gift cards to increase revenue and loyalty, and drive new customers to your store. Through Rise.ai, you can start a flexible reward program with automated store credit flows that are both quick and easy to redeem, turning new customers into loyal customers, building a stronger customer relationship and increasing customer lifetime value.


Loyalty Programme

To a Shopify merchant, the more interaction he has with the store, the more valuable that customer is. Smile.io provides a simple way to encourage actions that build customer relationships as well as increase their brand loyalty.

Smile provides 3 modules: “Points”, “Referrals”, and “VIP”. Merchants can reward customers for their purchasing, referring friends to purchase, signing up for an account, sharing or following on social media, birthdays, and more. Examples of rewards are points accumulation, discount coupons, gift-giving, or anything else you want to reward your customers with. Smile.io can be integrated with Gorgias and Kalviyo, allowing you to provide more comprehensive customer service for your loyal customers.


Email Marketing

Omnisend is an Email & SMS marketing platform trusted by many eCommerce merchants with a marketing automation platform that is easy to use. Omnisend provides pre-built omnichannel automation to help you turn visitors into shoppers while you focus your resources on something else. Omnisend helps you do smart segmentation based on shopping behavior, campaign engagement, and profile data. After the segmentation, Omnisend will send the notification to the right person using the right platform, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing as well as your revenue.


Email Marketing

Klaviyo is a unified customer platform for you to synchronize all your Shopify data. It was launched in 2012, features include AB testing, automated email response, product recommendations, commerce-focused reporting, back-in-stock automations, and more. Klaviyo can segmentize customers by analyzing their purchase, payment, cart abandoning behaviors, etc. Moreover, it can be integrated with Smile.io to provide more comprehensive customer service for your loyal customers.


Customer Services

Sleekflow is an Omnichannel social commerce platform where merchants can communicate with their customers instantly through messages, live chat, and instant messaging software. It helps simplify the workflow of sales, customer support, and marketing using smart routing rules and targeted campaign messages, making engaging with customers easier. It supports all popular instant messaging tools in Hong Kong and Asia regions, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, SMS, and LINE, and allows you to communicate with customers from all platforms in one single platform.


Ecommerce Platform

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that is suitable for any online business. Shopify merchants can easily manage their sales, clients and inventory from a single Shopify admin panel. Shopify also has a great support team as well as Shopify Experts (certified Shopify Partners) who aim to optimize your site and create a better customer experience by developing new applications and tools.


Customer Services

Gorgias is a customer support platform for eCommerce, it provides automated responses to questions commonly asked by customers. The system helps you save time by making personalized responses using customer variables and automate responses on simple tasks using self-service. With Gorgias, you can also manage all support requests from different channels in one single platform including email, live chat, social media, and SMS, saving valuable time. Gorgias can also be integrated with Smile.io and Growave to help you provide even better customer support to your loyal customers.


Customer Services

The cross-platform marketing strategy provided by Omnichat allows merchants to seamlessly connect their site with Facebook Messenger, LINE, and WhatsApp Business, From having conversations with customers from multiple channels, tracking user behavior on the website, automatically guiding customers to purchase onsite, to remarketing messages through LINE or Facebook, Omnichat is your best buddy on your eCommerce journey. Omnichat’s omnichannel messaging center supports team collaboration, allowing merchants to assign tasks to different team members and manage the progress of each task without switching to different windows, greatly increasing the efficiency of the customer support team.

Other partners



Innotier originally started off from a B2B business as a garment factory in the U.K, mainly focusing on research and development.

Rooftop Republic

Rooftop Republic is an award-winning social enterprise committed to creating sustainable cities and communities powered by urban farming. Through their initiatives, they deliver high-quality farm and management services to clients and engage the community through events and workshops.

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