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Navy FAB don't provide funding application services. However, our funding partner has been assisting clients to apply for different small and medium enterprises funding, including “the BUD Fund”, “Technology Voucher Programme”, “SME Export Marketing Fund” and more.


Navy FAB's partner provides professional consultancy services to handle the complex documents and process for applying BUD funding.
To support enterprises in exploring more diversified markets, the Government launch a new round of enhancement measures by phases starting from July 2021, including extending the geographical coverage of the Fund to include all economies with which Hong Kong has signed Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (“IPPAs“) and increasing the cumulative funding ceiling per enterprise to $6 million.


Navy FAB (SP-930-519 – NAVY NICY COMPANY LIMITED) is one of the D-Biz programme IT Service Providers Reference, included (1)Online Business, (3)Online Customer Services and Engagement, (4)Digital Customer Experience Enhancement and (10)Virtual Team Management and Communication services.

Why should I hire a consultant to apply for funding?

Many people want to save money in order to get the most out of the fund they’ve got. However, this may backfire as they are not familiar with how to maximize the fund they can get. The applications often involve lots of documentation and require certain knowledge of government requirements and processes. This may be too complicated for companies and sometimes result in not getting the maximum benefit possible. Navy FAB's partner, who is a funding expert, has helped many clients apply for different funds and has a success rate of 90%. You can rest assured that we will help you be well prepared for your application.



Innotier originally started off from a B2B business as a garment factory in the U.K, mainly focusing on research and development.

Rooftop Republic

Rooftop Republic is an award-winning social enterprise committed to creating sustainable cities and communities powered by urban farming. Through their initiatives, they deliver high-quality farm and management services to clients and engage the community through events and workshops.

Navy FAB Team capitialize the know-how of e-commerce, upgrade and transform your digital branding, develop your global market entry strategy, lead your brand to the overseas.


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