Rooftop Republic: Migration from Wix to Shopify


Rooftop Republic is an award-winning social enterprise committed to creating sustainable cities and communities powered by urban farming. Through their initiatives, they deliver high-quality farm set ups and management services to clients and engage the community through events and workshops.

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The existing Rooftop Republic site was a non-responsive site based on the Wix platform. Due to choice of platform, the site was built and developed based on features and elements instead of creating a coherent theme which created a mismatch in style and branding. The navigation and sitemap on the existing site was also disorganised which hindered the overall user experience.


As the overall project would be a migration and site revamp, the Navy FAB design team capitalized on this opportunity to design a new site that was both B2B informative but also B2C friendly. The sitemap was restructured to ensure a smoother user experience for clients to clearly differentiate key information areas, such as the services page highlighting their projects, from the online store and events.

Overall, the team also revamped the site with a cohesive colour palette and style to ensure the site had a uniform look and feel throughout.

Project Highlights

Case study pages to showcase their projects for future clients

The existing Rooftop Republic site had a very brief case study page, however, the details were minimal and didn’t make full use of their wide portfolio of work. As such, working with the Rooftop Republic team, we designed the page “Our Projects’ to highlight and showcase in detail the projects that Rooftop Republic previously had executed. With this page, it would be easier to share with future clients their previous work portfolio but also for potential clients to find their portfolio online to get in touch.

Event registration template from existing product page templates

In Shopify, existing product pages are typically meant to sell products rather than events. As the Rooftop Republic team hold many events to reach out to the community and showcase urban farming initiatives, it was important for them to have an event registration page where their customers can buy tickets and also register their details. The Navy FAB design team used the existing product template available on the theme and redesigned and developed an event page template specific for Rooftop Republic community events. As Rooftop Republic hold different types of events as well, the corresponding email notification templates that customers receive were also customized to ensure that appropriate information was sent out for each event type.

Urban Farming Solution page design and layout

As Rooftop Republic offer services in consulting for urban farm solutions, they required a page to introduce their solutions and the process of how their consultation works. As the existing theme does not have an informational template, the Navy FAB design team set out to develop and customize the Urban Farming Solution page. This included creating a customized timeline and step by step process map to show how their services work. Additionally, as Rooftop Republic made use of Hubspot as their CRM, we embedded the “Contact Us” form and the “Request a Consultation” sticky tab on service pages and case study pages for better user experience on B2B pages.

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