WOAW Store: Site revamp from a legacy Non-Sectioned Shopify theme


WOAW (World of Amazing Wonders) was founded in 2013 by Kevin Poon, a Hong Kong-based entrepreneur of fashion label CLOT, international retailer JUICE as well as a distribution company District Distribution in the Asia market. WOAW! is a multifunctional lifestyle concept store that embodies the contemporary lifestyle of young creatives has officially opened its door on Sun Street, Wanchai with a brand new Elephant Grounds Creamery serving coffee and ice cream tucked inside the store.

To align with the offline store which offers an array of premium and exclusive selection of goods around the globe, WOAW approached us to upgrade their online business and digital branding. We created new website for their online store which gives customers an integrated omnichannel experience.

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WOAW Store owned a Shopify store and have obtained considerable sales revenue from Hong Kong as well as overseas already. However, since the theme is a legacy Non-Sectioned theme which provides very limited customizations on the storefront and also the two-level navigation bar doesn’t fulfill the need of a multi-brand Art Toy store which needs to showcase the beauty of their diverse product mix.

Therefore when WOAW re-launched a new offline store in 2019 at Wan Chai, Hong Kong and wished to spark attention both offline and extend the shopping experience digitally to their social media community.


Under a tight schedule, Navy FAB capitalized the Shopify outstanding store theme feature, which allows us revamping the storefront efficiently by creating a new visual identity. Through advanced strategy and customisation, the user experience has been enhanced.

Our brand design and digital team built a user-friendly and responsive online experience, optimised for mobile, encouraging shoppers to browse and purchase through the site. We mapped out the architecture for the new site, created brand index and categories for better search.

Project Highlights

Tailor-made visual control for client future update

Normally after a merchant purchase a Shopify theme from Shopify Theme store, the theme allows certain customization in the theme editor. However, it’s not flexible enough to fulfill merchant’s needs because the theme designer usually put the theme design in front of flexibility. To maintain the theme quality, the theme designer may not allow certain layout or style change. Although there are a few exceptions like the Turbo theme by Out of the Sandbox which position itself as an extremely flexible theme, almost 99% of the Shopify theme on Shopify needs further customization on the theme editor.

In WOAW Store’s case, the original slideshow settings doesn’t allow the Store Manager to customize the text color and button colour on desktop & mobile separately. That may cause the readability of the text slideshow is uneasy to be maintained. Therefore, Navy FAB Engineering Team made a few customizations on the slideshow such that the the Store Manager can have more control.

A-Z brand index for customers to browse and choose brands easily

Since WOAW Shopify Store is a multi-brand store showcasing Art Toys from worldwide, it’s important for the online customers to have a glance of all the brands on the store and figure out the one they are looking for. Navy FAB Engineering Team build a A-Z brand index. Most importantly, the Store Manager can update the brands through Theme Editor! What’s better than this when you can control a complicated page without programming knowledges but with a few clicks?

Direct “Add to Cart” & “Pre-order” on product catalogue to boost the sales

By adding an Add to Cart button on the Collection page, WOAW Store customers are able to quickly put all the products they love into the cart easily without going into the Product page. This conversion-driven design successfully take the online shopping experience on WOAW Store onto the next level.

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