Kit Kat Chocolatory: Shopify POS Pro Setup & Training At Popup Store


Hong Kong’s first-ever Kit Kat Chocolatory pop-up store was opened in the heart of Causeway Bay, providing an exciting and fun experience for customers with their limited KitKat bars made of fruity flavors such as Yuzu, passion fruit, matcha, and cacao grown in volcanic.

With the brand’s marketing, media exposure, and PR releases, the public was well aware of the popup store even before the official launch. With the popularity of the event and the limited time period, the expectations were high.

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POS Operation Consultation

Set up Shopify POS in physical pop up store

Onsite training and support


Setup products in Shopify store

Customized invoice layout for a laser printer

Supply printing materials

Set up the printer/ Connect the Bluetooth printer to the iPad


With the newly set up pop-up store, customers could visit and purchase the different flavors of Kit Kat bars and also enjoy a cup of Nespresso. However, given the store had limited space available, a quick checkout and payment system was needed.

Adding on, KitKat Chocolaotry was looking to print out a customized receipt for its customers after payment.


Given a tight schedule to meet the popup store opening date, Navy FAB was able to successfully create a customized invoice and set up the Shopify POS Pro on site. Staff training on operating the Shopify POS Pro was also provided beforehand to ensure smooth checkout and payment process. Navy FAB also provided on-site support in order to help solve any unexpected issues that occurred during the early opening dates.

Project Highlights

Tailor-made Invoice Layout for Laser Printer Output

With the Shopify invoice, Kit Kat Chocolatory wanted to create a customized layout and design of the receipt. After continuous draft review and changes, the layout design was confirmed and printing tests were carried out on the laser printer to make sure that the size and layout is right and there are no quality issues.

On-Site Shopify POS Set Up

Shopify POS was set up at the pop up store where the barcodes of the KitKat bars can be scanned with an iPad and quickly print out the customized receipt after customers pay. Navy FAB had to ensure that the iPad is correctly connected to the POS system and the products’ inventories are synced. Test orders were carried out together with the store staff before the official opening of the store.

On-Site Training and Support

Once set up and testing has been carried out, the Navy FAB team provided training to store staff to ensure everyone knows how it works, from logging in to the system, scanning barcodes to checking out, receiving payment, and restocking the inventory. During the early days after store opening, the Navy FAB team provided continuous support and prepared backup resources. One of the outcomes that we did not predict was the influx of customers due to the popularity of the brand, resulting in Navy FAB replacing the laser printer with a wireless Bluetooth receipt printer with heat-sensitive papers for a faster checkout process.

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