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NAVY FAB is an all-in-one digital eCommerce  agency, tech solution provider & brand builder 

We have sophisticated experiences in Shopify development and online store set up. We build brands from ideas to execution. 

As a professional Shopify Partner, we will help you solve any problem.  

Is your online store design and technology outdated?

Do you need to redesign and revamp your online shop to get more sales with a higher conversion rate?

Is it more difficult to get sales with the same amount of Facebook or Google Ad budget?

Do you know what eCommerce add-ons can boost your online sales?

Do you understand why your customers are no longer loyal to your brand? 

Do you need Shopify development advice? 

We are Shopify Expert in Hong Kong.

We Do Best on Shopify Store for Brands.

Navy FAB Hong Kong Shopify Expert - Masters of their craft and Shopify

Masters of their craft and Shopify

Shopify Experts are highly-skilled Shopify web designer, Shopify developers, and consultants who specialize in building successful brands, businesses, and of course, Shopify stores.

Navy FAB Hong Kong Shopify Expert - Masters of their craft and Shopify

Hand-picked eCommerce agencies by Shopify

Each Shopify Expert is reviewed before joining the marketplace. They’re not Shopify employees; they’re entrepreneurs who see the value of Shopify and of helping other entrepreneurs.

Navy FAB Hong Kong Shopify Expert - Masters of their craft and Shopify

We are Expert, so you don’t have to be

Whether your job is big or small it needs to be done right. Our Shopify expertise and professional services can always be the vanguard of your Shopify journey.

Why do you need us?

And what made us different from other agencies.

Q1: What are the roles of Shopify Partners?

Shopify Partners aim at providing professional services and solutions to new and existing Shopify Merchants. By leveraging world-class Shopify ecommerce platforms and capitalize their specialised skills set in ecommerce, technology and marketing, Shopify Partners enhance merchants/sellers’ experience with Shopify by building customised solutions and provide various service offerings for merchants to help them further grow their business.

Q2: What is the difference between Shopify Experts and Shopify Partners?

Shopify Experts are Shopify Partners who have been reviewed and certified by Shopify officially. To become Shopify Experts, we had to submit our client work and explain how our design and development skills can support various brands in growing their ecommerce business on Shopify. Navy FAB is honored to be certified as Shopify Expert in 2020.

Q3: Will Navy FAB support the Shopify website design for customers?

Yes, certainly. For new development or even migration of websites, merchants will go through project assessment and consultation with our NAVY FAB team at the earlier stage of the project. After carrying out research and coming up with mockups, as well as at every project milestones, clients will be able to review, provide feedback and amendments will be made. After the launch, our team would also provide support in terms of marketing and branding such as SEO.

Q4: Why do I need an ecommerce agency instead of a common marketing agency?

More than 90% of agencies you found on Google Search are just marketing agencies and not focusing on ecommerce related services/solutions. Ecommerce agencies, through their experiences, can bring in resources and provide professional solutions and support for your ecommerce business to grow and expand. Navy FAB provides ecommerce-focus services which range from web development & designing to marketing & branding solutions.

Q5: What kinds of other related Shopify services does Navy FAB provide?

Being the all-in-one digital branding design agency with top ecommerce & tech solutions, Navy FAB provides expertise services in Shopify Store setup, Shopify Email marketing, Shopify SEO, Shopify App development & consultation, etc. 

Our Professional Services

Brand Strategy

Through market research and our experience over the past 5 years, we identify, discover and bring your brand forward by differentiating its position via design thinking approach.

Digital Branding Design

We specialise in helping businesses build brands online. We cover branding design across every digital touchpoints to convey your unique value proposition to target audience.

Omnichannel Ecommerce Solution

Being a Shopify Expert (verified Shopify Partner) of Hong Kong, we are experienced from kickstarting a branded Shopify online store to building up an Omnichannel eCommerce solution for all kinds of retailers. Try Shopify FREE for 14 days, or contact us for longer trial period.

Technology Solution

The happy problem of a rapidly growing e-commerce business is all about scaling and automation. Such business growth can only be sustainable with powerful integrated technology solutions like CRM & ERP systems.

Our Trademarked 
Process & Workflow

Navy FAB focus on Design Thinking Strategy to ensure the quality and maintenance service in each project. Our Digital Branding Experts follow the successful workflow for our clients.

Research & Strategy

UIUX Design

Setup, Test & Launch


Brand Effect

Customer feedback

Featured Clients

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