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Kinofi is an award-winning Hong Kong startup company that sells self-designed electronic rotational devices.

Established since 2015, they have designed and released several products, capturing the hearts of camera enthusiasts everywhere. Their projects have been acknowledged by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University by winning Micro Fund Award and Incubation Technology Program organized by Hong Kong Science Park.

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Their original site was originally based on WordPress, however, their shopping cart was powered by Shopify. With some pages in WordPress and some on Shopify, the site provided an inconsistent user experience which also jeopardised the overall brand image. Additionally, as a tech focused company, their help articles were difficult to navigate and not mobile friendly. As such, the Kinofi team looked towards migrating their entire online store operation to Shopify. The case presented was a migration challenge, along with customized solutions tailor made for Kinofi and their products.


As a technology focused company, Kinofi needed a website that would reflect their achievements and unique selling point (USP). Taking advantage of the site migration, Navy FAB was able to adopt a completely new site architecture for Kinofi.

From their existing mixed WordPress and Shopify site, Navy FAB organized a site migration and sitemap consistent with better user experience including new features and website customizations fit for their products. A Zendesk Guide integration was also used to address their help articles user experience to ensure that it could be searched through the website widget and customer’s were able to access self-help articles. With this integration, we were able to greatly reduce the workload for the Kinofi customer service team.

Project Highlights

Download apps buttons and sections on product and apps pages

Themes readily available on the Shopify theme store allow for merchants to create product pages with pre-made available sections. Although convenient for most, this feature also limits layout possibilities unless coding is involved. As a technology-based company, there was a need for Kinofi to emphasize the apps required to pair with their devices and where they were available to download. As a result, the Navy FAB eCommerce team created a new section to include this responsive download button design.

Technical specification pop-up on product pages

Under the existing theme chosen, information and specifications on products can be added on the product page in an accordion style, however, this limits the amount of information that can be added. As tech products typically have longer specifications and details, the Navy FAB team created an on-screen popup which allows for further information and diagrams to be displayed.

Auto panorama 360° to showcase product images

360° panoramic images are a key highlight of Kinofi’s products and as a unique selling point, it was important to showcase this on their product pages. The Navy FAB team created a custom section spanning full width on the page and the full 360 image can be viewed by dragging left to right. To ensure a seamless experience on both web and mobile, this feature is also optimised for users viewing the website on their phone.

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