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[$10,000 Voucher Scheme 2022] How to get paid on Shopify, Shopline, Boutir, WooCommerce Online Stores

Nov 2nd, 2022

A new round of electronic consumption vouchers will be distributed to Hong Kong residents from April 2022 in order to support the local economy during the pandemic, according to the Hong Kong 2022-23 Financial Budget announcement.

Similar to last year, the voucher will be in electronic form and distributed in 2 installments. If your business is looking to expand payment gateways to accept the e-voucher from customers, the Navy FAB team will let you know the details below to prepare you earlier!

What is the Consumption Voucher Scheme in 2022?

During the ongoing 2022-23 Hong Kong budget address, Financial Secretary Paul Chan announced that the government would roll out a $64 billion anti-pandemic fund that would include a $20 billion budget to support ailing businesses and Hong Kong residents. The budget will include a new $10,000 consumption voucher scheme to be given to permanent residents in two instalments to boost spending.

How will the 2022 electronic consumption voucher be distributed?

The first HK$5,000 will be given out in April to the 6.3 million people who had registered in the last round of the scheme, while the rest will come in mid-2022 and to new applicants.

Consumer Eligibility

Eligible Hong Kong permanent residents and new arrival aged 18 or above, including persons entering Hong Kong with the “Permit for Proceeding to Hong Kong and Macau” (commonly called “One-way Permit”) and those as dependents of Hong Kong permanent residents

Applicable Business/ Merchants

E-vouchers scheme aims to boost local spending and domestic consumption and accelerate Hong Kong economic recovery. Businesses including food sectors, wet markets, ecommerce platforms such as HKTV mall or online stores operated with company BR are benefited. Please note that e-vouchers cannot be used in foreign merchants, online businesses that do not hold company BR, utility bills like electricity and water bills or for tax payment purposes.

6 E-payment Platforms to Issue Digital Vouchers

  • Alipay HK (支付寶香港)
  • Octopus (八達通)
  • Tap & Go (拍住賞)
  • WeChat Pay HK (微信支付)
  • (New) PayMe from HSBC
  • (New) BoC Pay

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Q: If our company may not have enough budget and resources to build a new online store, while we still want to be benefited from the 2022 Consumption Voucher Scheme, what would be the fastest and most affordable method to sell my products and accept e-vouchers online?



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