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Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) Enhancement Measure Updates (August 18th 2020)

Nov 2nd, 2022

As you may have heard, there are new changes to the Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) as of August 18th 2020. We understand that information online can be confusing so we’re here to share this update with you to ensure you’re up to date with the latest developments.

HKPC (Hong Kong Productivity Council) have announced that starting from 9am August 31st, all enterprises are eligible to apply for a second application for categories of IT solutions different from the approved categories in the first application. In simpler terms, you can now apply a second time for categories you have not previously applied for or categories that were not successfully approved.

Example 1: First application for category 1 was approved

  • Your second application can be for any three categories from category 2 to 12.

Example 2: First application for category 1 was unsuccessful, category 7 and category 8 was approved

  • Your second application can be for any three categories from category 1 to 6 and 9 to 12.

If you’re looking for a vendor solution for certain fields, at Navy FAB we provide services in the following categories:

  • Category 1 – Online business (If you do not have an existing Online Store)
    • Shopify/WooCommerce Online Store Setup
  • Category 3 – Online customer services and engagement (Add-on to Online Store/ company website)
    • Service Appointment System
    • Event/Class Booking System
  • Category 4 – Digital customer experience enhancement (Add-on to Online Store/ company website)
    • Email Marketing Automation
    • Omnichannel Customer Services Live Chat
    • Whatsapp Business Chatbot

A reminder that if you’re looking to apply for this second round of applications, you need to have received your results and replied to the Secretariat on your first application.

In addition to the announcement of a second application, HKPC have also announced the following three changes:

  • An extended funding period for subscription-based IT solutions from 6 months to 12 months – applicable to previously approved applications. The Secretariat is reviewing the approved funding amount for applications with subscription- based IT solutions, and will inform the applicants as soon as possible.
  • Restrictions on related entities (same shareholder or holding company) being regarded as one single entity submitting an application will now be lifted. That means now all the companies under the same shareholders with more than 30% shares can apply individually instead of aggregately.
  • Social enterprises are eligible to apply to D-Biz, given that they have certifications issued by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the Distance Business Programme.



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